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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blogs by Brett

Blogs are a wonderful tool made neccesary by human being inability to deal with emotional truth face-to-face. The trouble with bligs are not the people who write the, rather the people who read them. If you are reading this now, or if you ever have, and thought you found infomation that can be used for selfish gain, you must die violently and misrably. This is a platform of free-thought and expression, one which should exist in every capacity if not for the emotional weakness of those in the herd who can't handle truth, and must have all information spoon-fed to them in docile, safe language.

If you are a co-worker of any kind, and read this, or any other blog, and think this information is relevant in 'real life', it would be if you had the emotional strength to speak in such truths. The faceless anonymity of the internet can be achieved in real life if you care only for the expression of your thought and not the popularity of it's result.

That is the reason chat-rooms are so damn popular. Everybody is shielded by facelessness. Easy to tell the boss to fuck off online. Do it to their face if you have any strength.

The internet is good for trivia, porn, and stealing music. Blogs ARE a good tool, but one that should be replaced by something even more important - truthing up at all times. They are not the replacement for truth and honesty in real life.


Blogger Daryl Makk said...

Hey Brett....FUCK OFF!

See you tonight for a beer!
Good entry.

6:28 PM


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