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Friday, October 21, 2005

A Good Day Brings This

I'm in Vancouver now. I love this city. I could live here. There is a constant buzz of life. Beings living peace and harmony. City infastructure sits in the shados of nature's true beauty - and me, walking around drinking coffee, smoking 'my last ever cigarette' thinking I finally get it here and, damn, am I lucky I get to do a show here tonight.

The show last night was very good. I was happy with it. Room for improvement still and always, but more shows like last night equal less days of being broke. The tide is turning and I, lucky to catch the wave.

Talk after the show turned to art and philosophy, two of my favorite subjects. Rarely are these two values spoken of amongst peers in my former city of residence. Ideas are important here, and my friends in this city hold the same values. Che Guevara was exposed as a manipulated minion of Castro, who has inspired the name of my yet-to-be-formed band; Castro's Karma. As soon as I learn to make music, there will be no stopping Castro's Karma.

I need some clothes. I don't have what could be called a 'wardrobe'. What I do have is 'Clothes that are cleaner than others'. Perhaps that is not the best system of design, but honest it is, and I must live by the style my economic reality has dictated. If I was rich, which to me is enough money for both bills AND fun, I would probably dress the same - I would just do less laundry.

Tonight one idea I have for comedic discussion is Jessica and Ashley Simpsons parents. I think it's too bad that their loser father has pushed them to display publically their mediocrity just so old men and prisoners can masterbate to their image. That's bad parenting. I'm gonna make fun of him good and people will laugh. Then, the audience and I, we will all buy guns and storm the legisla...uh, too much Cuban Revolution going on in the mind. Castro's Karma is powerful.

The Flames won last night and the it appears the team is settling slowly into place. Much like their number one fan, the steps are small ones but without question, headed in the right direction.


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