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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You Heard It Here First....

...or seemed to have forgot if I am wrong. Various sports and other predictions:

1) Toronto Raptor Rookie Forward Charlie Villanueva wins NBA rookie-of-the-year. Raptors in contention for play-off spot until waning games of season. Question of belief in self determining factor in regards to play-off action. Team can win.

2) Calgary Flames Defensemen Jordan Leopold and (maybe) Forward Shean Dononvan are traded for a slick skating, accuarate passing, goal scorer. Think Sergei Samsononov but not Russian. Or Sergei Samsonov. Odds increased by combined struggles by Donovan and Leopold, and increased play by Steve Montador.

3) I will make it into the Just For Laughs Festival. It is a goal and I shall reach it. Odds this year increased by robust performances and positive attititude. Rock and Roll music will help cause, too.

4) I will not buy a toque or gloves this winter until I have frost-bitten myself rather badly, leaving myself unscarred, but pissed off. After new gloves and toque are applied, I will be warmer and dumb-founded that I didn't go buy a set after I wrote this very post in which I foresaw it.

5) This Christmas, many boys and girls will find out there is no Santa Claus and begin a life in disillusionment and pain. Expect for the Jewish children, who knew all along - gifts come from Hannukah Hank.

6) This blog will surpass 1,000,000 readers when, for the millionth time, someones punches in "Paris Hilton" and the last part of "talking" and stumbles, again, on to my site.

7) I will read back to this entry and think, "Why did I go on for so long when I ran out of steam at the number 3 mark? It would have been quaint and nice and served doubly to honor the first prophecies. Fool."


Blogger Daryl Makk said...

I was googling "Paris Hilton" and "talking" and came across this site.
It was the most informative one I have found on that barbie soul-less piece of plastic.
Thanks for a good read. I had no idea she could make people get frost bite. What a witch!!

12:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I don't like Paris, so I typed in BRETT MARTIN! WOW! You have a furture in producing Polycarbonate sheet products

Way to go Brett!


1:54 PM


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