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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not Everything I Do Is Dickens...

I'm Thirty-thousand feet above Ontario now, on top of Sault Ste. Marie. I'm flying to Ottawa. Never been. Somewhat excited. I'd prefer to be sleeping right now but I find sleep a little difficult to come by on an airplane. I lucked in and got an emergency row seat, which means extra leg room for my six-foot-two plus frame. Usually I have to sit in the middle seat stuck between two strangers, who aren't typically my favorite types of people, anyways. Ad two cups of strangers and a dash of no wiggle room and you usually get a very pissy me. Now, I have room to move, an empty seat beside me and a laptop with dying battery.

They have a TV in the seat back for you to 'enjoy' as you travel. Fox News is on now. I like to watch it and laugh. I ain't sacred of Fox News bullshit. They should really consider some type of content filter for the television service. Particularly, no September 11th highlights. It's like watching Jaws before you go to the Ocean. It's not fun to watch planes do that while you're in one. I'm not a fan of censorship, but would you lay out pictures of flipper babies before you tried conceiving? I probably wouldn't.

A piece of the plane broke off, which was mildy dis-concerning. It was the emergency exit sign that fell on to the ground. I don't dig that. I don't like seeing the vessel I am traveling in fall apart in any way. I don't imagine it to be an impetus on our arrival, but I like my plane in good working order. I'm geekly about the details when it comes to tubes that fly through the air at five hundred miles an hour. I can't wait until I own a bus. If you have one to donate, please contact me.

I'm excited about Ottawa. It's been a lengthy comedic hiatus. I WAS counting, and it's been 39 days since last I actually worked. Sure, I've done local shows in Calgary; but to me, THIS is what comedy is. This is the job. And it's been a helluva long time since I've worked, and I'm excited as all hell. I love my job. Seven years later and I still love my job, and in some ways, way more than ever. The seven year itch has will have to wait for year fourteen - I dig this job and am just getting better.

Pictured and musings to come. Brett hits Ottawa for the first time....


Anonymous Mike C said...

Saw your show last night. It was great! Even though you picked on me and my gf. That's ok, I survived by laughing a lot. It helps. At least now I know why you didn't have any sleep before getting on stage. Keeping looking for those snatchues...

1:38 PM


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