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Friday, February 15, 2008

Almost Two Years Later

Some as of yet unknown to me Vancouver Website people found this site that I had long forgotten about. Reminds me to write. Thanks, whoever found this.

I'm at the moment pissed off. I am a professional Comic who is a complete unknown in his own town. Stand-Up is my only job, yet I make all my money away from home. This is a really shitty situation. Guess I have to change it.

I have the same woman and now I have two cats. I go to the gym and smoke less. I read less and write infrequently. I spend my days checking e-mail and looking at sport stats. I don't use fluoride because it's a terrible thing to put in your body. I recycle expect for when I'm tired or depressed.

I don't like the majority of young woman I meet, which works, because they quite dislike me. I don't like overtly straight or gay people. Your sexuality is boring and dull to me. I find it funny that someone blew up a taco stand.

I support the Olympics and feel that drug addiction is a choice. I don't believe in religion or politics or countries. I have never seen a border but I have seen people who believe in them. I don't like public transit and hate direct eye contact with people on the bus.

I eat meat and love animals. Did I mention I have two cats? I won't eat them. I would buy multiples a shirt I like. I don't respect authority or 'the uniform'. I respect people who think and act for themselves. Selfishness is not as selfish as it seems.

I like hockey and football and baseball and think Ultimate Fighting for people who have issues with anger. I don't drink much these days but I inhale cigars because I am a strong, classy man.

I am not popular and view the pursuit of it as weakness. I haven't been in a fight since grade 8 and would like to keep it that way. That said, I would argue with anybody at anytime. I see it as sport.

I never say never and don't feel like writing anymore.


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