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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lacking Humor With A Pinch Of Wit

We have this bizarre Criminal Law in Canada called the Young Offenders Act. Amongst several odd rulings within is one in which the accused, if under the age of 18, cannot be named in the media.

There was this Triple Murder in Medicine Hat, a small city in Southern Alberta. A mother, a father and a young son were killed. Missing was a 12 year old daughter. Her name an picture spread everywhere as the Police desperately sought her to ensure her safety and ask her some questions.

Two days later, an arrest is made in Saskatchewan. A 23 year old man and his 12 year old girlfriend were arrested in connection with the murders. Coincidentally, the hunt for the 12 year old daughter ceased, as police announced she was found 'in safe surroundings'. No more questions, please.

In case you are extremely retarded, I will inform you that the daughter is the one arrested. I hope I am not breaking any news to those of you who know the case. An asinine law has prevented the police from announcing what a mongoloid can figure out - two plus two equals four.

I know this becuase I am moderately intelligent. For one, in murder, it tends always to be someone close to the victim. Secondly, when the police announce the name, age and picture of a person, and then arrest somebody matching the description, and the cease to speak of 'either' girl, well, that's when you know the Mounties got their man, or in this case, their adolescent.

I'm sure, though, that somewhere in a prison cell in South Alberta, a young, orpahned girl sits, thanking her lucky stars that the media can't publish what a simpleton can add up; and not so far in Ottawa, a government official can sleep easier knowing he outiwtted us all by hiding names.

If there is a moral of this story, it's name names and take pictures and spread their faces all over the news. Nothing can scare potential young murderers like a bad picture of them on the front page of the news.


Blogger Marcus C. Beaubier said...

Except that the police have already release her name when they were searching for her. It was on the front page of the Sun...

8:02 PM


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