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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ottawa Continues

The pimping continues. I'm pushing rather hard for people to check this site out. I understand now why it's hard out there for a pimp. After my show, I now stand at the door and greet people and hand them a card. It's always amusing to see somebody just stare straight ahead in mild discontent. I just say "Guess I offended you" and keep pushing the goods.

The show last night was ok. No real highlights. I think I got my morbidly obsese people joke down pretty good, which I am happy with, because I wish to end their joke immunity. I was also quite happy with a local joke I made. You see, in front of parliament, here is a statue of a guy who fell into the Ottawa River. Said something about how he was heroically trying to save somebody, but he drowned, too. So, I said I expected to see a statue of a guy with his head stuck in banister and a sculpture of a dude slamming is hand in the car door. The people reacted lukewarmly. Perhaps River Man is something of a local hero and I am ignorantly mocking him, which luckily I am happy to do.

I wandered around some more here yesterday. I went to Parliament, but it was closed. After this, I'm going to go again. Parliament is a very nice building. It's surprising you can actually go inside. Security is just different here, and I'm ok with that. I just walked right in - past mounties and people who work there. I wasn't stopped until I got inside...THEN - I was told it's closed. Seemed like I could just walk into Stephen Harpers' office and ask him for some of that free government money.

After the show, the head honchos took the other comic and I to bar called Oz. It is a tapas and wine bar. I was a little hesitant, due partly to the fact that me and classy joints don't mix well. Much to my girlfriends' chagrin, I am a pizza and hockey man (remember - Gabriels' suck, as do the Sens) and the concept of a classy establishment is usually met with skepticism and ire. But I was wrong. It was nice. I ate Soy Bean and lettuce wrapped sprouts and steak. It was healthy and tasty, which I find to be as rare a combination as 'drunk' and 'prudent action'. I am being treated well here in Ottawa.

Now it's time to go back into Parliament and get some of that free Government money. My time in Quebec lingers in the psyche.


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