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Friday, March 24, 2006

Ottawa So Far

Last night was fun. I was very tired but still was able to get some funny going. I handed out promotional cards for thisblog for the first time, and it so happens one of the people I was 'bugging' onstage already contacted me. Who knew promotion works? Thanks, Mike, glad you enjoyed the show - click on the ads! I need the moola.

The audience was weird. Very groany at things that were not groan-worthy. I thought I was very clean, minus saying 'fuck' alot. But, I was tired. I got an hour and ahalf of sleep that day. Not alot. Today I am rested, but have still yet to leave the hotel. I was awoken at around 9:00 by the maid. I was so tired last night I put out the 'Please clean my room' sign, rather than that standard 'leave me the hell alone' one. I was so groggy I thought I was at home and that she was my girlfriend, which was even more weird since she's not Mexican. Good thing I didn't ask her to cuddle.

Today I guess I'll go sight-see. I'm about five minutes from Parliament Hill. I walked by it yesterday. Seems pretty nice. I didn't see Stephen Harper anywhere. If I do, I'm going to ask him help me get an American Visa. I figure he should help out one of his Calgary bretheren.

The club is nice. It's in a basment, which I always like for Clubs. I don't really know the guys I'm working with, but my mind is open for friendliness. The Hotel is great, I have wireless in my room. The pizza I ordered last night was shit, though. If you live in Ottawa, do not order from Gabriels Pizza. Tastes like it was either made by childern of of children. Gross. The Indian buffet I had was far better.

So, of to adventure Ottawa, with another show tonight. Goal: See Parliament. Likely to do: go to HMV.


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