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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ottawa - Fin

Ottawa, as work, is over now. I am done the weekend. I end on a high note. The first show was full of old people with old brains and unfun people. I had to ask a gentlemen in the front row to look me in the eyes....they were THAT sort of audience. If you were at that show - I really didn't have any fun, either. But I've learned to fake it - haha! The owner/agent/manager though I was a tad sweary, which was true, and seemed to agree it was not 'my crowd'.

Second show was top-notch, easily my favorite of the week. It also included my favorite on-the-spot line in somtime: "You gotta love the morbidly obsese because they don't love themselves". I was simply having fun and haven't felt it like that since, well, the last time I worked. Oddly enough, even though I thought it was my best of the week, I handed out the least amount of blog ad-cards. I was rather obsessed with handing those things away. Many people aged 50+ took them and actually liked me. Weird. Maybe I have a future in cruise ship comedy.

All in all, it was/is very nice to get back 'to it'. My life has changed in so very many ways of late, and it's nice to get back to the stage. I'm still learning to incorporate my new world up to the stage, and time shall grant that. The boss says he'll have me back, which is all you can really the best thing toaccomplish from a week, so it ends well.

As a Human, Being, it was a good weekend, too. I saw parliament. It was fun. I saw the House of Commons, the Senate an annoying tour guide. He spoke in such granduer that I was curious if he imagines us to be the Christ-child. No thing is as epic as he made the government building to be. It was ridiculous. He spoke of his desire to be a politician, which triggered my competive juices. I think his name is Dave, and he, too, is from Winnipeg. Don't vote for him - he molests cattle. Vote Brett.

Now I have an hour and a half until I leave for the airport, which is four in the morning, and back to Calgary to move into my apartment - and finally, a home. Clicky clicky!! Good-bye from my trusty hotel-room in a supposedly haunted hotel.


Anonymous Greg said...

Hey Brett,

Saw your second show (Mar 24) in Ottawa - BRILLIANT!

I've seen comedians on TV - (Comedy Now & JFL) that weren't even half as good as your show!

Keep it up - it was f*ckin' funny!!


4:24 PM

Anonymous Purdy Leary said...

I was one of the 50+ (although I'm only 46) that saw your first show. Loved the Wal-mart bit, the ugly baby bit...the cirle-jerk - meh, not so much. But hey to each his own right? I'm a hard-core comedy club junky (hit 3 in LA in one night) and I keep this mental list of "ones to watch" - you're on the top of my list baby! Gotta go my cruise ship just pulled in.

11:16 AM


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