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Monday, August 24, 2009

Brett Martin ReBoot

Hard to write with a cat on your lap, and entirely ungrateful to remove the beast. These are the obstacles that I have to overcome as a writer.

The sun is a cream white through the buildings over the ocean. This, too, is an obstacle. It looks much more fun to be in the sun on the water than write about it. But I suppose the point is there is no point, and it's best to accept and move om.
Luckily now the sun has faded, quick as that, and this writing thing becomes more enticing.

While reflecting on the past, I find the challenge is to remain aware of the present. Balancing act for sure.

OK. But there was a point to all this, was there not? The creativity in me needs to be released. Good possibility the retention of this lead to early hair loss. I will write, I will grow hair. I will write, I will grow hair.

I will grow hair and stand tall. I will be able to slam dunk. My vertical will increase by a foot and a half. I will touch my toes outside of the shower. I will move a mountain and face fearless a hurricane and laugh at it's eye. Then I'll head inside a concrete building.

I am a Stand Up Comic if anyone is out there. There's many posts in here and more about to come.

I travel Canada as a Comic. I headline clubs and colleges. I'm not yet on television, but I am XM Radio. I don't play by any rules, I'm simply myself and allow the dominoes to fall as they may.

This is my adventure. This is my journey. This is for sharing.

I am begining what you might call a talk show on Sunday, August 30th in Vancouver at The Backstage Lounge at 9:00.

But this isn't advertising.

And the journey begins...


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